Hello, I am Javier Ruiz Jiménez

Entrepreneur, Engineer, and Adventurer

About Javier Ruiz Jiménez

Entrepreneur, Engineer, and Adventurer


Javier holds a Master in Computer Science Engineering from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

He founded his first IT company at 23, that company grew from zero to many high-level professionals and millions in revenue, had the opportunity to manage a team of highly skilled engineers at every department of the company.

After many years offering IT Consulting Services and Custom Software Development, dedicated his effort to transition the company to be a SaaS provider of energy production planning and metering tools for some of the biggest energy producers of the world generating +2 billion Euro/year in electricity and impacting millions of customers.

After building his previous company for 18 years, it was sold to a NASDAQ publicly traded company.


• Hands-on leadership style • Strategic thinking • Mentoring and coaching • Have done it before experience • Ability to maximize resources


• Experience running critical SaaS Applications at AWS • High availability • Disaster recovery • On-premises migration to Cloud

Operations and Customer Support

• Providing great customer service • High-performance team building • Timely completion of projects • Proactive process and system monitoring and alerting

IT Wonder Lab

Javier is currently building IT Wonder Lab.

Most demos and examples available on the Internet or even shown during vendor events, are just plain simple and don’t apply engineering standards. Many are insecure, don’t scale and don’t show the full potential of the product.

IT Wonder Lab was born with the mission to create, test and share best practices for building and maintaining complex infrastructures using automation and modern DevOps technologies like * Terraform * Ansible * Kubernetes *AWS